Lifeline EMS Academy, Inc.
Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B)

MT-B, Abbreviation for emergency medical technician-basic, A certified healthcare provider who is trained to treat and transport victims of emergencies. Emergency medical technicians (EMT) provide basic life support to victims.Skills include immobilization and splinting, bandaging, administering oxygen, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, extrication, administering medications and airway management. Emergency medical technicians may work in the emergency department, fire department, public gatherings and factories, but most importantly the certification is aimed at providing care in an ambulance.
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Student Verification (Lifeline PCR)

ifeline EMS Academy Inc, together with Lifeline Ambulance Rescue Inc. issue this Personal Completion Record (PCR) to help and guide the graduates and provide record of their real-world performance in the field. This PCR is designed exclusively with personal and professional growth in mind in order to help the graduates succeed in pursuing their noble profession with Lifeline as a “LIFELINER”, or as a properly trained and duly-registered EMT elsewhere in the Philippines or internationally where it is both recognized and respected. Graduates are expected to use this PCR as directed and record significant cases where they have provided interventions and/or treatment, and have the same attested to by the responsible officers.
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